Bonus + Care

Many years ago HCV introduced a cash back bonus reward to policyholders. The refund was based on the annual claims of any particular year. The bonus refund was a real positive benefit, especially to policyholders with one vehicle or small fleets.

Today HCV’s qualifying policyholders are still benefiting from the Bonus Reward system. We call it bonus+care.

Why? bonus+care is a real refund and not just a token small amount which is priced in the premium.

bonus+care calculation

If policyholders have no claims on their truck+care policy during the year, they can get a refund of approximately 10% of their total premium paid for the year. This refund will be deposited directly into the policyholder’s account 45 days after renewal. Policyholders will receive an sms to inform them of their bonus reward and receive a token.

bonus+care qualifying criteria

Policyholders do not automatically qualify for bonus+care. Certain criteria have to be met. Remember to discuss bonus+care with your HCV portfolio manager at quoting stage. bonus+care can only be added to a policy at its inception or on renewal.

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