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Claims 48 hours

HCV endeavours to authorise repairs in respect of own damage claims, on receipt of all documents and/or assessors report within 48 hours. This means policyholders get their trucks back on the road sooner than ever. Less downtime means more earnings for policyholders. Policyholders or their brokers should get relevant documents to HCV as soon as possible to ensure that their claim isn’t late for 48 approval.

Understanding the HCV claims process

Claims Process

This provides all the details of how claims are authorised by the HCV claims team. The better policyholders understand the claims process, the better they can work with HCV and their broker to speed up the claim.

Role of the broker in a claim

HCV understands and appreciates the value brokers add to truckers in supporting them when a claim occurs. By working together, the policyholder, broker and HCV can more effectively process a claim from beginning to end, to everyone’s advantage.

How brokers can help

  • Follow HCV’s claims procedure
  • Offer advice on what to do during a claim
  • Assist with getting all the necessary documentation
  • Report claims to HCV immediately, but not later than within 30 days
  • HCV to be notified within 1 hour of discovery of stolen/hijack vehicle and/or goods
  • Keep your policyholder updated on their claims status

It is important that policyholders understand brokers and assessors have no authority to accept claims, or authorise payments on HCV’s behalf.

We require the following in the event of an Own Damage claim:

  1. Claim form fully completed
  2. Photographs of the damaged areas of the vehicle
  3. Police case number
  4. Repair quotation
  5. Driver’s licence, one legible and clear copy
  6. Professional Drivers Permit (PrDP), one legible and clear copy
  7. Certificate of Fitness (CoF) and Operators Card, one copy
  8. Driver’s accident statement
  9. Fleet management copy, for example the movement report (if applicable)

All relevant documents to be sent to


Remember to provide photographs of the damaged areas of the vehicle. This will expedite the claim processing.

HCV windscreen claims

The last windscreen replacement circular (June 2010) was intended to motivate clients to use original equipment manufacturers (OEM) parts and have them fitted by either PG Glass or Glasfit.

Many of our clients have complied with this request, however, we are still experiencing exorbitantly high volumes of windscreen claims being processed by other glass service providers.

In order to keep our premiums as low as possible, we have implemented a new windscreen claims process.

HCV will waive the excess if the prices are in line with the (OEM) part price/s. If the policyholder purchases the OEM windscreen and has it fitted by an OEM approved supplier, HCV will authorise the fitment, reimburse the policyholder the cost of the windscreen and also waive the excess.

Please note that if a policyholder wishes to replace a windscreen through any other windscreen provider, the policyholder will be responsible for settling the account in full. They can then submit the invoice, completed claim form and proof of payment to HCV. Once HCV has received these documents we will reimburse the policyholder for the amount the OEM invoice would have been plus the fitting cost, less the applicable excess.

Here is a step by step process to windscreen claims:

Step 1

Contact an OEM approved supplier, provide vehicle details and policy number. Alternatively, policyholder can purchase replacement windscreen from OEM and call HCV for authorisation to have windscreen fitted by an OEM approved supplier.

Step 2

An OEM approved supplier request authorisation from HCV.

Step 3

HCV verifies whether price quoted by OEM approved suppliers in line with OEM (vehicle manufacturer agent) part price.

Step 4

If price is in line with OEM (vehicle manufacturer agent) part price, HCV authorises the fitment and waives the windscreen excess.

Step 5

If price is not in line with OEM (vehicle manufacturer agent) part price, HCV authorises replacement subject to windscreen excess being paid by the policyholder.

Step 6

If the policyholder has purchased OEM (vehicle manufacturer agent) part, HCV authorises an OEM approved supplier to replace the windscreen and waives the excess. HCV reimburses the policyholder for the full windscreen cost and will pay OEM approved supplier for the fitment.

Important for windscreen claims

There has been some confusion regarding HCV’s windscreen claims policy. Please take careful note of the following.

If the windscreen has been replaced by the supplier they must prove that the windscreen price charged is the same as the OEM windscreen price in order for HCV to waive the excess for that particular windscreen replacement.

Third Party Excess

This minimal penalty is accordingly intended to play a deterrent role against reckless and negligent driving conduct.

HCV will assess the liability and whether an apportionment will be applicable based on our client’s description of loss and documents provided to us by the Third Party. HCV may request more documents on any stage to establish the merits and quantum.

Note that HCV will only be in a position to settle the claim upon receipt of the below as well as proof of payment from our insured with regards to the Section II excess payable on third party claims.

We require the following in the event of a Third Party claim:

  • Reasons in writing for holding our client liable
  • HCV Policy number
  • Copy of drivers licence and I.D.
  • 3 x quotations & assessors report
  • Photographs of damages to vehicle/structure
  • Proof of banking details
  • Confirmation/Affidavit declaring that you are not claiming from your policy or that you are uninsured
  • Signed third party document

All relevant documents to be sent to

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