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HCV issues and administers a range of products specially designed to take care of all types of commercial vehicles from trucks to plant items and importantly to take care of drivers as well. With HCV’s unique view to underwriting your business and drivers, you will find that monthly premiums are competitive when all the additional benefits are taken into account.

Automatic benefits

Product Range

  • truck+care
  • trailer+care
  • mcv+care
  • plant+care
  • bakkie+care
  • car+care

Value Added Products

With these additional products policyholders will make sure that all aspects of their vehicles are covered. Click on the product below to read more.

load+care (GIT) -

It is unfortunate that many of our policyholders have had experiences where they have a truck+care policy with HCV and their load is covered with another company. In the event of an accident these policyholders have had their vehicle towed at no cost, only to be charged exorbitant prices to have their load salvaged.

Had these policyholders added load+care, they would have the towing, salvage of the vehicle and load taken care of by HCV.

The benefits of load+care

  • Premiums tailored to your vehicle
  • Low excess structures
  • Option of a load limit at a fixed premium

time+care -

In the event of accidental loss, the financial damage caused by the loss of use can put truckers out of business. time+care is designed to ensure this does not happen and will provide a financial benefit to policyholders in the event that their covered vehicle suffers an immobilising event caused by an accident.

The benefits of time+care

  • Option of a cash benefit
  • No excess

time+care can be added to any existing truck+care policy. time+care excludes theft and hijack as well as cosmetic repairs.

personal+care -

Personal Accident Cover while in the insured vehicle. The insured persons to receive cover hereunder are all unnamed drivers and/or crew members in the employment of the Insured and vehicle reflected in the schedule where it is specified that this section is applicable.

The benefits of personal+care

  • The cover is for death or permanent disability
  • Cover extends whilst in the course of a journey using such vehicle in situations as stated in the schedule
  • Insured persons getting into and out of the insured vehicle
  • Unnamed drivers/co-driver and max of 3 crew members
  • Low premiums
  • Options for R10,000, R20,000 and R50,000

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